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Alternative Income

01/20/16  Auctioning Hunting Rights
11/18/15  Selling Pine Straw
01/21/15  The Benefits of Growing & Selling Christmas Trees
11/19/14  A Landowner's Perspective on Producing and Selling Pine Straw
09/17/14  Pine Straw Harvesting
05/21/14  Woodland Cooperative Focuses on Products, Sales, & Imagination
05/15/13  Windrock Park ATV Trails and Cabins
01/16/13  An Average Hunter
07/18/12  Nut Tree Culture & Northern Nut Growers Association
03/28/12  Harvesting Pine Straw for Profit
09/21/11  Guidance for Mountain Bike Trail Builders
05/18/11  Business of Hunting - How far can we go?
03/23/11  Misinformation Muddles Policy Decisions
10/20/10  Alabama Pine Straw Association
06/16/10  Pine Straw Income & Fire Prevention, Too
03/23/10  Boggs and Boulders
09/16/09  Starting a Trail-based Business -- It ain't easy.
07/15/09  Earning Additional Income
01/21/09  Local Landowner Cooperation Increases Opportunities
10/15/08  Selling Carbon Offsets
09/17/08  Trends in Nature-Based Outdoor Recreation
08/20/08  Dig This  - A Toy Story
08/20/08  Clean Water: What's it worth?
07/16/08  Recreation Access Fees and Quality Service
05/21/08  Carbon Offsets: Show Me The Money
05/21/08  The Ridge: Private ATV Trails & Camping
03/19/08  Life Style Changes Affect Outdoor Business
03/19/08  Natural Resource Enterprises
02/20/08  Longleaf Pine Straw
02/20/08  Longleaf Silvopasture
01/23/08  Cell Tower Leasing Advice
06/28/06  Gator Hunting is Big Game Opportunity
06/28/06  10,000,000 Forest Owners in U.S. Want Information After Storm or Fire
06/28/06  Can You Profit From a Clonal Pine Plantation?
05/17/06  Increase Current Income: CRP to Silvopasture
05/17/06  Wetlands Mitigation Banking: "New Found Money"
02/24/06  Pine Straw Biz
02/24/06  Conservation Easement + Development = Value Increase
01/18/06  Trails and Trail Systems on Private Land
09/21/05  Horse Trail Ride Business Potential Grows
08/17/05  Strength in Numbers Works in Hale County
06/15/05  Linden-Area Landowner Questions Credibility of Pulp Mill Proposal
02/16/05  ATV Club Provides Benefits for Landowner and Community
01/19/05  Family Manages Two Recreational Off-Road Trails
09/15/04  Starting a Sawmill Business from Scratch - A Success Story
06/16/04  ATV Trail Riding Club on Private Land in Lee County
06/16/04  Can You Hear Me Now?
03/17/04  Durhamtown Plantation: Family Entertainment
01/21/04  Agri-Tourism: Alternative Income Source
10/15/03  SynFuels: Is it Time?
09/17/03  Fun and Profit: Trails for Bikers & Hikers
03/19/03  Energywood Produces Commercial Power in Florida
03/19/03  Portable Wood Fueled Power Plant Tested in West
02/19/03  Ecotourism translation: new source of income
07/18/02  Water Quality Trading Rights...Income Opportunity
04/24/02  Investment Secrets Revealed in Soil Maps

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Computers & Software

01/20/16  Mapping & Landowner Info for Smart Phones and Tablets
07/15/15  OnXmaps -- Property Ownership App
05/20/15  Plat Books in the Digital Age
05/20/15  Interactive Forest Management Plan
03/18/15  LandGlide App - Names & Land Lines
01/21/15  3 Smartphone Apps Every Forest Owner Should Have
05/21/14  Acreage Measurements with Google Earth
03/19/14  Mapping Roads & Property Corners with Smartphone
01/16/13  Tree and Shrub Identification: vTree App
09/19/12  Boosted Wi-Fi Connects Cameras
07/18/12  Tech News from The Forest Geek
03/28/12  ForWarn - a satellite-based monitoring and assessment tool
03/28/12  Safety Connection to Home or Office
11/16/11  Mapping Your Land: An Overview for Landowners
11/16/11  Navigating & Mapping with Your iPhone
05/18/11  Aerial "Pictures" of April Tornados
06/16/10  High Speed Internet Access for Rural Residents
09/17/08  GPS Units Continue to Improve
06/18/08  High-End GIS "Software as a Service"
03/19/08  Yahoo Web Page Building for Beginners
01/23/08  Maps Made Simple!
09/19/07  Wow! What a View!
06/27/07  New Mapping and Aerial Imagery Product for Forest Owners
06/28/06  Forest Management Easier Thanks to Computer Technology
08/17/05  Highly Rated Computer Mapping Software is Free!
03/16/05  Competing In the 21st Century
11/17/04  3D Digital Aerial Imagery: A Whole New Dimension
10/20/04  How to Get Aerial Photos of Your Property
09/15/04  Marketing Approach Lowers Cost of Aerial Imagery
02/19/03  GPS and Digital Grove Mapping
05/15/02  Landowner Uses for Affordable GPS
06/20/01  ForestHawk 2.0: On Line Management System
06/20/01  Is There a PDA in Your Future?
02/21/01  Software for Forest Owners

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Forest History

05/18/16  Private or Public -- A Forest Policy Discussion
11/19/14  American Canopy: Trees, Forests, and the Making of a Nation
11/19/14  How Forestry Came to the Southeast
11/16/11  1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created
03/24/09  Appreciating Local Forest History
09/17/08  Remembering Forestry & Forests with Photos
08/15/07  Genetically Modified Forests
07/18/07  Forest Management Before Columbus
07/18/07  Alabama's Medicinal Plants: Historical Perspective
02/18/04  Historical Perspective on Forestry

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Forestland for Sale

01/20/16  Financing Timberland Purchases
01/19/05  Forestland for Sale
07/21/04  Forest & Farmland For Sale
03/21/01  Forestland For Sale in Bibb County
02/21/01  Forestland for Sale
01/17/01  Forestland for Sale in Perry & Lowndes Counties
11/15/00  Forestland for Sale
09/20/00  Forestland for Sale
08/24/00  Forestland for Sale
07/27/00  Forestland for Sale

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Forest Management & Silviculture

03/16/16  Pitfalls of the First Thinning
11/18/15  Herbicides for Road & Trail Maintenance & Clean Pine Straw
07/15/15  Strength of Lumber Result of Growing Conditions and Market Forces
07/15/15  Black Warrior Waterdog -- ESA Status
03/18/15  Direct Seeding Loblolly Pine
03/18/15  Most Common Forestry Practices
03/18/15  Regenerating & Growing White Oak
07/16/14  Forestry Herbicide Update
07/16/14  Bumper Cone Crop for Longleaf This Fall
05/21/14  Greater Revenue Potential from Improved Pine Genetics
03/19/14  The Northeast Timber Growing Contest
03/19/14  Forest Management How-to Videos
03/19/14  Crop Tree Management
03/19/14  Sawtimber Quality Will Impact Price
01/15/14  Observations on Planting Hardwoods
09/18/13  Cost & Cost Trends for Forestry Practices in the South
07/17/13  High Value Utility Poles from Pine Plantations: Yes!
05/15/13  Cottonwood Nurse Trees Improve Quality of Planted Oaks
03/27/13  Maximizing Economic Returns
01/16/13  Improving Return on Your Forestry Investments
11/28/12  Herbicides for Improved Forest Management
11/28/12  Growing & Marketing Pole Timber
09/19/12  Four Forest Management Lessons
07/18/12  What Makes a Softwood Tree Valuable?
11/16/11  Confidence Builds with Long-Term Research
09/21/11  Plain Talk about Forestland Investments
09/21/11  How Trees Grow
07/20/11  Fertilization's Effects on Growth & Wood Properites
05/18/11  Does Reforestation Still Pay?
05/18/11  Feral Hogs -- Damage & Control
01/19/11  High Impact Regeneration Treatments for Hardwoods
10/20/10  Reduce Tree Planting Costs
08/18/10  The Woods in Your Backyard
06/16/10  Five Ways to Protect Your Forestland from Wildfires
03/23/10  Thinning Planted Pines -- to Mark or Not
03/23/10  Planting Hardwoods -- Successfully
01/21/10  Eucalyptus for South Alabama
01/21/10  Costs for Common Forestry Practices
09/16/09  4-Legged Forestry Workers
09/16/09  Plantation Management Research Cooperative
08/19/09  Forest Management and Planning
07/15/09  Prescribed Fire Associations
06/17/09  It's a good time to plant trees
02/18/09  There Could Be a "Pot of Gold" on Your Land
01/21/09  Useful Non-Natives Need a Break
09/17/08  Sweetgum is Not a Weed
08/20/08  Timber Inventory -- Why?
08/20/08  Stoddard-Neel Approach
08/20/08  Uneven- versus Even-Aged Management
07/16/08  Marked Thinning Best
06/18/08  Soils Maps with Assist from Forest*A*Syst
05/21/08  Woody Plant Seed Manual
03/19/08  Hardwood Corridor Thinning
03/19/08  14 Reasons Why Bareroot Loblolly Seedlings Die
02/20/08  What Does a Quality Tree Look Like?
02/20/08  Longleaf Silvopasture
02/20/08  Longleaf Pine Straw
01/23/08  Herbicides:  Falling Prices
01/23/08  Maps Made Simple!
09/19/07  Growing Quality Hardwoods
09/19/07  Best Management Practices Guide
08/15/07  Upland Oak Regeneration
07/18/07  Restricted Use Pesticides: License Requirements
06/27/07  When Planting Loblolly Pine Seedlings, Timing is Almost Everything
09/20/06  Current "Katrina" Assistance Programs
09/20/06  Alabama Timber Industry Assessment
06/28/06  Effects of Prescribed Burning on Soil Quality
06/28/06  Tree plantings Drop Throughout the South
05/17/06  Landowner Assistance Programs: State & Federal
03/15/06  Unintended Consequences
02/24/06  Hurricanes Damage Different Trees Differently
02/24/06  Alternatives to Intensive Forest Management
01/18/06  Producing Fully Stocked, High Value Hardwood Stands
01/18/06  “TIMBER!” What Women Need to Know
01/18/06  Packaging the Perfect Forester
10/19/05  Work with Your Neighbors to Kill Cogongrass
10/19/05  Edge Effect: The Land Between
10/19/05  Build Your Cabin in the Woods
09/21/05  Good Road Design Saves Money
09/21/05  How Much Timber is on Your Land?
08/17/05  You Control Wood Quality
08/17/05  Funds Available for CRP Mid-Rotation Forest Management
07/20/05  So, Who Works for YOU?
07/20/05  Practical Ideas on How to Kill Weeds and Brush in Your Timber Stand
07/20/05  Alabama Tree Planting Contractor Not in the News
06/15/05  Pine Plantation Thinning Crew
06/15/05  Hardwood or Longleaf Pine Management Consulting Fee Paid
06/15/05  Dressing Up the Front "40"
06/15/05  How to Value Land
05/18/05  Herbicide Use Equals Higher Financial Returns
05/18/05  Rancher's Range Burning "Chore" Sparks a New Venture
05/18/05  Tools to Support Burn Tourism
03/16/05  Oak Regeneration: Another Perspective
02/16/05  The Right Saw for the Job
02/16/05  Do-It-Yourself Timber Cruise
01/19/05  An Introduction to Agroforestry
11/17/04  Avoid Chainsaw Massacre: Pulpwood Marking Versus Operator-Select
09/15/04  Forest Management: Fourth Edition
09/15/04  Forestland Fertilization: A Primer 
08/18/04  Wood Quality Measurements Improve Value Estimates
08/18/04  Timber Volumes and Tree Measurements
08/18/04  Simple Concept, Complex Science
08/18/04  Reforestation Contracts and Considerations
07/21/04  Pre-commercial Thinning Worth the Cost
07/21/04  Renting Farmland: Some Cautions and Advice
07/21/04  Agricultural Biomass Company Fueling the Way
06/16/04  Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace
01/21/04  Forest Products and Technological Improvements
03/17/04  Timely Forest Management Tips
06/16/04  Forest Fertilization Pays Big Dividends
11/20/03  Planting Pine Trees: Still a Good Idea.
11/20/03  Timber Trespass: Prevention & Recovery
10/15/03  Trends and Opportunities for Rural Land Use
10/15/03  ORV Riders Seek Land
09/17/03  Cleaning Urban Runoff: A Forest Product Worthy of Payment
09/17/03  Prescribed Burning Short Course: October 14-17, Starkville, Mississippi
08/20/03  Another New Pinestraw Buyer for Alabama
06/18/03  Wanted: Pinestraw
05/21/03  Reality Check
05/21/03  Precommercial Thinning of Planted Pine -- Is it Worth it?
05/21/03  Increasing Species Diversity with Growing Season Fire
05/21/03  Why would a forest owner need a survey?
04/23/03  Alternatives to Clear-cut and Plant
04/23/03  A Written Forest Management Plan
03/19/03  As Ye Sow So Shall Ye Reap
03/19/03  "May I Introduce You to..."
03/19/03  Growing & Using Medicinal herbs
03/19/03  Forest Biotechnology: a new horizon
03/19/03  A Unique Perspective
02/19/03  Improving Our Liquid Assets
02/19/03  Quality vs. Quantity
01/15/03  Timberland Decisions Support System
11/20/02  Online Forestry Encyclopedia for Northeast Alabama
11/20/02  The Bugwood Network
09/18/02  Management of Existing Hardwood Stands
09/18/02  Extending the Knowledge of the University: Mississippi's Better Farming Radio
09/18/02  Pine-Grasslands Restoration: Why & How
08/21/02  Regenerating Upland Hardwoods
08/21/02  Improving Existing Stands of Trees (Timber Stand Improvement)
08/21/02  Cost-Share Funds Go Unused for Timber Stand Improvement
08/21/02  America's Fires
07/18/02  Forest Fires & Forest Management
07/18/02  Turn Your Trees Into Lumber
06/19/02  Poultry Litter as Forest Fertilizer
06/19/02  Pruning Pines Improves Quality
06/19/02  Forest Research: How does it help us?
06/19/02  Older is Better
06/19/02  Trees are the Answer
05/15/02  Silvopasture: Cattle & Trees Working Together
04/24/02  Alabama Prescribed Burning Act Designed to Encourage Use of Fire
04/24/02  Nontimber Forest Products in the United States
03/20/02  What Makes You Do That?
02/20/02  Alabama Forest Survey: Significant Growth
02/20/02  Forest Sustainability: The History, The Challenge, The Promise
01/16/02  Spacing of Planted Trees Controls Income
01/16/02  New Handbook on Forest Road Construction
01/16/02  Preventing Timber Theft
11/14/01  "Practical" Gifts for the Forest Owner
10/17/01  Lessons of the Past - Challenges for the Future
08/15/01  Improve Hardwood Planting Success
08/15/01  Don't Sweat the Small Stuff
07/18/01  Big Oaks From Little Oaks Grow. Remember that!
07/18/01  Reduce Risks Through Management Diversity & Selection System
07/18/01  Farmers Improve Water Quality with Forest Filters (by cutting trees)
06/20/01  Operator Select: Consulting Forester Uses Specialized Logger
06/20/01  Hardwood Growers How-to Book
05/16/01  Room to Grow: An Invisible Resource
05/16/01  Leaves Grow Trees Resources Grow Leaves
05/16/01  Prescribed Burning Course on the Web
05/16/01  Find Forestry Publications Fast
05/16/01  Control Begins With Early and Accurate Detection
04/13/01  How Much Does It Cost to: Plant Trees, Cruise Timber, & Prescribe Burn...
04/13/01  In the springtime, a young man's fancy turns to... Killing Kudzu!
04/13/01  Rising CO2 & Global Temperatures
04/13/01  Free Market Environmentalism - Revised Edition
02/21/01  Forestry Correspondence Course
02/21/01  Research on Planted Longleaf Survival
11/15/00  Crop Tree Release Improves Hardwood Quality
10/18/00  Restoration Forestry
10/18/00  Preparing to Plant (restoration forestry?)
10/18/00  The BIG Picture
09/20/00  Natural Regeneration? Great idea, but it takes planning
08/24/00  Are My Pine Trees Ready to Thin?
08/24/00  Techniques for Longleaf Planting Success
07/27/00  Tree Seedling Availability and Nurseries

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Insect & Disease Information

05/18/16  Stopping Insect Problems
07/15/15  Ash Trees in Alabama Face Likely Threat
05/20/15  Tick-borne Diseases and Prevention
01/21/15  Eradicating Cogongrass Infestations
11/19/14  Economic Impact of Whitetail Deer on Agricultural Crops
07/17/13  Pine Tip Moth Control Improves Early Growth
09/19/12  There's more than one way to kill a pig
07/18/12  The Kudzu Bug - A Conundrum
03/23/10  Cogongrass Control Program
06/17/09  Forest Health Cooperative
01/21/09  Pine Growers May Benefit from Research Discovery
09/19/07  Pine Root Rot on Sandy Soils
08/16/06  Southern Pine Beetle Update (the good, the bad, and the "bugly")
11/17/04  Sudden Oak Death: Should We Be Concerned?
05/15/02  Southern Pine Beetle Threat Can Be Reduced
03/21/01  Southern Pine Beetle & Oak Mortality in Alabama
09/20/00  Research May Lead to Southern Pine Beetle Control
07/27/00  Southern Pine Beetle Epidemic: what to do

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01/21/15  Fire Damage Insurance for AFOA Members
11/19/14  Tree Stand Safety: Win-Win for Hunters and Landowners
01/21/10  Young Hunters & Tree Stand Accidents
02/18/09  ATV Liability Protection Encourages New Income
08/15/07  Hunting Land Insurance
07/18/07  Preventing Hunting Accident Claims
03/16/05  Standing Timber Casualty Insurance: A Primer
10/20/04  Timber Casualty Loss Insurance is (and has been) Available
08/18/04  Preventing Accidents and Avoiding Liability
04/24/02  Vacant Land Liability Insurance
02/20/02  Timber Insurance Available in Alabama
11/14/01  Insurance Requirements Protect Timber Sellers
08/24/00  Seeking Peace of Mind During Hurricane Season

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07/19/16  EPA Forest Roads Decision Important to Forest Owners
07/19/16  Fighting for Property Rights from Coast to Coast
05/18/16  As a Burner, Are You a Good Neighbor?
01/20/16  Estate Planning Information on Extension Website
05/20/15  Fixing an Adverse Possession Problem
01/21/15  Timber Theft and Woods Arson Investigation - 2015
09/19/12  Attempt to Increase Regulations in Georgia Thwarted
05/16/12  Caught On Camera
05/16/12  Logging Notification Act
08/18/10  Precautions to take when buying foreclosed property
03/23/10  Do Fences Really Make Good Neighbors?
10/22/09  Advice Sought on Proposed Forestry Regulations
08/19/09  When a neighbors logger wants to cross your land
06/17/09  Pipeline Easement Negotiations
02/18/09  Prescribed Fire, Smoke & Public Safety
10/15/08  Old Cemeteries & Obligations
07/16/08  Your IRA & Forestland Investment
05/21/08  Refocusing Forestry Law Enforcement in Alabama
01/23/08  Cell Tower Leasing Advice
09/20/06  Timber Theft/Trespass Laws
08/16/06  LLPs, LLCs, FLPs: Business Models For What?
03/15/06  Oregon Supreme Court Supports Property Rights
10/19/05  Settle Timber Sale Disputes Through Arbitration
08/18/04  Court Rules in Favor of Property Rights
03/17/04  The Importance of Having a Written Will
10/15/03  "Well, there you go again!"
01/15/03  "What Is A Wetland?" asks EPA
01/15/03  LandGuard: Legal Protection From Regulations
11/20/02  Protection From Lawsuits
01/17/01  U.S. Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Landowners
01/17/01  Landmark victory For Property Rights in Oregon
11/15/00  Legal Aspects of Owning and Managing Woodlands

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Markets & Sales Advice

05/18/16  "...too little demand and too much supply..."
03/16/16  US: Net Exporter of Forest Products
01/20/16  Stumpage Market Report from Timber Mart-South
11/18/15  Stumpage Market Report from F2M
07/15/15  Internal Rate of Return, Net Present Value, or Present Value
07/15/15  Center for Heirs' Property Preservation
05/20/15  Stumpage Market Report from Timber Mart-South
03/18/15  High Demand for White Oak Staves
01/21/15  Is It Time to Focus on Pulpwood?
09/17/14  Timber Market Report from F2M
07/16/14  Tips for Buying Timberland
07/16/14  Alabama Forest Resource Report 2013
05/21/14  Timber Mart-South Stumpage Report
03/19/14  Housing Starts to Decline in Mid 20s
01/15/14  The Value of a Timber Sale Contract
01/15/14  The Coming Southern Timber Boom
09/18/13  Impact of IP Mill Closure on North Alabama Pulpwood Market
09/18/13  The South - World Leader in Growing & Harvesting Trees
09/18/13  BP Oil Spill Claims Process
07/17/13  "Highest Hardwood Summertime Prices I've Ever Seen"
01/16/13  Timber Market Report from Forest2Market
11/28/12  Timber Market Report from Timber Mart-South
09/19/12  Focus on Sawtimber, Not Pulpwood or Biomass
09/19/12  Construction Up...Sawtimber Prices Down?
07/18/12  The Facts about Forest Resources in Alabama
01/18/12  Recession' Impact on Forest Industry & Forest Owners
01/18/12  Will Biomass Demand Alter Forest Management
11/16/11  Tests Reveal Problems with Lumber Grades
09/21/11  Highway Signs Promote Agr-Tourism
09/21/11  Timber Connections - New Photo-Based Marketing Service
07/20/11  Hunters' Willingness to Pay
07/20/11  Property Price Trends: Up? Down?
05/18/11  Timber Market Dynamics -- Who Moved My Cheese?
05/18/11  Southern Pine Flooring
03/23/11  Sawtimber Market to Improve in 2012-2013?
01/19/11  GP to Refuse Pine from Some Sites
01/19/11  How Sellers Can Help Their Real Estate Agents
10/20/10  Expanded Importance of Sawmills and Sawtimber
10/20/10  Recreational Component Disappearing
08/18/10  Timber Mart-South ~ Quarterly News
06/16/10  Timber Markets & Trends
03/23/10  The Soundness of Bioenergy Projects
01/21/10  Access Improves Marketability on Wet Weather Logging Sites
10/22/09  Solid Wood Products Most Important
10/22/09  BCAP, Black Liquor & Stumpage Prices
09/16/09  Timber Market Drivers: Housing & Paper
08/19/09  Timber & Timberland Investments: A Perspective
07/15/09  Buying and Selling Forestland
06/17/09  wood bioenergy magazine
06/17/09  Marketing and Selling Your Timber
05/20/09  New Bio Energy Newsletter
05/20/09  Crossties: a market for Alabama hardwoods
03/24/09  Timber Market Report
02/18/09  Kronospan: Wood Technology on Display
01/21/09  Mortgage Meltdown vs. Housing Demographics
01/21/09  Timber Investments vs. the Stock Market
09/17/08  Forest Resource Report 2007
09/17/08  Timber Market Report
08/20/08  Underlying Market Strong
08/20/08  Tree Farm Endorsed by PEFC
08/20/08  Marketing Agritourism
07/16/08  Recreation Premium
06/18/08  Gainesville to Build Biomass Fired Power Plant
05/21/08  Farm & Forest Land Values and Cash Rents
05/21/08  Add Value: Hire a Consulting Forester
03/19/08  Timber Market Report
01/23/08  Timber Market Report
09/19/07  Timber Market Report
08/15/07  Timber Market Report
07/18/07  Timber Market Report
07/18/07  Who are the Sellers and Buyers of Timberland?
07/18/07  Carbon Growers Update
06/27/07  Timber Market Report
06/27/07  The Role of Wood as a Biofuel
08/16/06  Hardwood Log Exports Good For Timber Growers
08/16/06  Wood Pellet Industry
08/16/06  Market Update
06/28/06  Timber Market Update
05/17/06  Alabama Timber Market Report
05/17/06  Setting Up The Books
02/24/06  Alabama Pine Timber Prices Up in Fourth Quarter 2005
02/24/06  Some see a glass half empty; some see a glass half full
10/19/05  Timber Market Report
10/19/05  Timber Buyer List Pays for Itself
09/21/05  Rebuilding Gulf Coast May Push Up Sawtimber Prices
07/20/05  $3 Million Forestry Damage From Dennis
06/15/05  International Markets: An Update
06/15/05  Small Sawmill Successfully Teams With EBay
05/18/05  "Heretical" Forest Economist Busts an Investment Doctrine
03/16/05  Big Land Sales Suggest Future Declines in Timber Supply AND Demand
02/16/05  Aging Pulp Industry Affects Our Future
02/16/05  Set the Free-Market Free!
01/19/05  Looking Beyond Today
01/19/05  Currency Fluctuations and Timber Markets
01/19/05  Hurricane Ivan Timber Salvage Update
09/15/04  Low-Cost Imported Lumber Impacts U.S. Timber Prices
08/18/04  Timber Mart-South Market Report
06/16/04  Imported Pulp: A Growing Option for Alabama Paper Mills
03/17/04  Alabama Stumpage Market Report
11/20/03  If You Grow It, They Will Come.
01/21/04  Make the Most of Your Timber Sale
01/21/04  Softwood Competition in the Global Economy
09/17/03  "Timber Prices Are Up, Especially Hardwood."
08/20/03  Stumpage Market Report
08/20/03  Survey of Forestry Expenses Aids Cash Flow Planning
06/18/03  Market Report
05/21/03  Eco-Nomics: What Everyone Should Know About Economics and the Environment
04/23/03  Stumpage Market Report
04/23/03  Carbon Offset Markets: Fiction or Fact
04/23/03  Selling the Carbon on Your Land
03/19/03  Stumpage Market Report
02/19/03  Non-timber Values Moving Small Acreage Prices
02/19/03  Stumpage Market Report
01/15/03  Management Reminders & Stumpage Market Report
11/20/02  Financial Analysis: Pulpwood Unimportant
11/20/02  Stumpage Market Report
11/20/02  The End of Agriculture in the American Portfolio
09/18/02  Stumpage Market Report: "Everything is good...except for pine and pulpwood."
08/21/02  Stumpage Markets: Any Light at the End of the Tunnel?
07/18/02  Long Range Stumpage Market Outlook
07/18/02  Cypress & Cedar: A Specialty Market
07/18/02  Low Interest Rates Bring Opportunities
06/19/02  Lumber Sales Predict Stumpage Markets
05/15/02  Alabama Stumpage Markets
04/24/02  Current Prices Have Improved Over Past 12 Months...except for pine pulpwood
03/20/02  Stumpage Markets: A Central Alabama Perspective
02/20/02  Stumpage Markets Surprisingly Good...except for pine pulpwood
01/16/02  Enviro Attack on Treated Lumber Harms Our Timber Market, it safe?
11/14/01  ForestExpress, Doorway to Timber Markets
11/14/01  Timber Markets: Emphasis Hardwoods
11/14/01  Southern Forest Resource Assessment
10/17/01  A Cut Above - Auburn's Logger Education Program
10/17/01  Timber Markets: the good, the bad, and the ugly
08/15/01  Forestland and Timber Volumes UP Since 1990
08/15/01  Abundant Timber Supply Holds Down Prices
08/15/01  A Good Time to Buy
07/18/01  Selling Damaged Timber
07/18/01  Timber Market Report: Only Sell If Absolutely Necessary
07/18/01  Green Certification and Future of Family Forests
06/20/01  Strong Timber Market Recovery Predicted
05/16/01  Stumpage Markets: Current Situation
04/13/01  Who's on first? Union Camp, Hammermill & Champion are IP.  Scott is K-C is gone.  K-C is Alliance is Bowater. MacMillan-Bloedel is Weyerhaeuser.
04/13/01  Stumpage Markets: A Timber Seller's Perspective
03/21/01  Stumpage Market Outlook
02/21/01  Timber Market Report
01/17/01  Take Control of Your Next Timber Sale
01/17/01  Glut of Canadian Lumber May Soon Harm Alabama Forest Owners
11/15/00  Forest Industry Investments & Future Stumpage Markets
10/18/00  Sell Timber Lump Sum, Sealed Bid
10/18/00  "Good forest management practices, not tax law, should determine the type of timber sale contract."
10/18/00  Stumpage Markets
09/20/00  Rural Land Prices - a historic perspective
09/20/00  Stumpage Markets
09/20/00  Selling Pine Straw in Alabama
08/24/00  Southern Pine Lumber Market
07/27/00  Timber Markets -- interest rates, drought, beetles, mergers...

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Meetings, Conferences, Events

05/18/16  The Land Show
07/15/15  Forestry Tour of Sweden and Norway
03/18/15  High School Forestry Summer Camp
09/17/14  Solon Dixon Forestry Education Center -- AFOA Annual Meeting 2015
01/18/12  Open Door to Educational Resources
01/19/11  Mission Possible - Family Land Plan
10/22/09  GPS & GIS Update
06/17/09  New Forestry Radio Show
02/20/08  What Does a Quality Tree Look Like?
02/20/08  Woodland Options for Small Landowners
08/15/07  Forest Facts: New AFOA Feature
06/27/07  The ForestConnect 2007 Forestry Internet Seminar Series
09/20/06  Meet Tree Farmers From All Across America
08/16/06  4-H Team Needs Volunteers
03/15/06  The Business of Montgomery
05/18/05  New 4-H Curriculum Promotes Forest Appreciation in Kids
03/16/05  Motivating the Next Generation
01/19/05  Progressive Farmer Farm Safety Day Camp Featured at AFOA Meeting
11/17/04  Natural Resource Education Online
10/20/04  Invitation to Join Leadership Development Program
06/16/04  Can You Hear Me Now?
02/18/04  Basic Education Courses for Forest Owners -- in Mississippi
02/18/04  Forestry and Estate Taxation
02/18/04 Focused News for the Forestry Community
02/18/04  Positive Impact Forestry - A New Book
02/18/04  Forestry Tours Provide Exotic Opportunities for Landowners
01/21/04  Master Tree Farmer is Coming to Town
10/15/03  Popular Tax Classes on Horizon
03/20/02  Forest Management Short Courses
02/20/02  Forest Management Tour
02/20/02  Alabama Pine Straw Market & Demonstration
01/16/02  Master Tree Farmer Seminars Begin in February
11/14/01  Woodland Options for Landowners: Web-Based Training
04/13/01  AFOA's 20th Annual Meeting is Hot Topic
03/21/01  International Conference on Private Forestry
02/21/01  Adverse Possession and Trespass Issues
07/27/00  Longleaf Alliance Annual Conference

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05/18/16  A Sign of Good Forestry
03/16/16  Experimental Forests: Value to Private Forest Owners
11/18/15  Writing & Publishing Family Forest Stories
11/18/15  Family Involvement -- Best Management Practices
11/18/15  Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Forest & Wildlife Management
11/18/15  Forest Technology Program Reboots
05/20/15  Progressive Agriculture Safety Day
01/21/15  Applying Drone Technology to Forest Management
09/17/14  Fun in the Woods for Kids
09/17/14  Introducing
09/17/14  The Value of Family Retreats
07/16/14  Access Roads in Mountainous Terrain - A Guide
07/16/14  Transition Agreements Are Better Built Stone by Stone
05/21/14  All Terrain Brdiges
01/15/14  Wood Works for Non-Residential Construction
01/15/14  Road Repairs & Construction
01/15/14  Don't think of it as succession planning...
09/18/13  Cabin, Barn, & Lodge Design and Construction
09/18/13  UAVs - A New Point of View
07/17/13  Defensible Space Encouraged by Insurance Company
07/17/13  Why Would Anyone Cut a Tree Down?
05/15/13  Managing Conflict in the Family Business
05/15/13  Telling Our Story: A Minnesota Perspective
05/15/13  Heavy Equipment. Rent or Buy?
03/27/13  Keeping Woodlands Intact and in the Family
03/27/13  What Kind of Wood is That?
03/27/13  Loblolly Pine & Climate Change
03/27/13  Economic Impacts of Ag & Forestry
01/16/13  Safe Use of Power Line Rights of Way
11/28/12  Copper Lining Improves Container Longleaf Root Structure
11/28/12  Boundary Surveys: Technology Update
05/16/12  Do it yourself small engine repair
05/16/12  Family Forest Blog
05/16/12  Unintended Consequences of Forest Certification Schemes
03/28/12  Forestry Minutes -- Why Does He Do That?
03/28/12  The Economics of The Lorax
01/18/12  What is Phenology?
11/16/11  Benefits of Family Learning Together
11/16/11  Export Capability Expands Markets
09/21/11  Mere Shelter It Is Not
09/21/11  Soil Fumigant Changes May Affect Bareroot Seedling Costs
07/20/11  the Nature Principle
03/23/11  Online "Book" for OHV Management
03/23/11  Can Their Problem Be Solved?
10/20/10  Find Tools and Trails with Foxfire Paint
08/18/10  Closing the Generation Gap
08/18/10  Caveat Emptor
06/16/10  Daily Rain Reports from Your Land
06/16/10  Analyzing Value to Make Forestry Decisions
06/16/10  Imagery -- Memories -- Perspective
03/23/10  Gabion Baskets for Special Road Building Projects
03/23/10  On Becoming an Outdoors Woman
10/22/09  Building Access for Forestry Success
09/16/09  Southeastern Flora
08/19/09  Managing Professional Advisors
07/15/09  National Kids Survey
07/15/09  Escambia Experimental Forest
07/15/09  Survey of Portable Sawmill Owners
05/20/09  A Woman's Place...The Crucial Role of Women in Family Business
05/20/09  The Trouble with Ethanol
05/20/09  Trail Planning & Construction
05/20/09  Conducting a Simple Timber Inventory
03/24/09  Cost-Share Programs Update
03/24/09  Conservation Buffers -- Design Guidelines
03/24/09  Do What You Can When You Can
02/18/09  Credible Online Information Source
02/18/09  Credit Available
10/15/08  Bio Mass Harvesting Research
10/15/08  Adapting the Farm Tractor for Logging
10/15/08  What is NAFO?
07/16/08  Preparation is 90% of the Work
02/20/08  George F Will: Thoughts on Biofuels
01/23/08  Passing On Your Heritage
01/23/08  Drought Threatens Mill
01/23/08  Prescribed Fire Advocate
09/19/07  Prescribed Burning Services
08/15/07  What Every Landowner Should Know About Easements
09/20/06  Family Business Options
09/20/06  Quality Food Plots - A New Book
03/15/06  A Wood Collector's Guide
03/15/06  The Phenomenon of Timberland Ownership Changes
02/24/06  To Reach Offspring, Speak to their Pocketbook!
01/18/06  Extreme Family Legacies
01/18/06  Network Innovations, Backlashes, and Solutions
09/21/05  Protect Your Woodland Home from Fire
08/17/05  Successful Family Meetings
11/17/04  Creating a Positive Family Legacy
10/20/04  Survey: Lack of Offspring Interest Drives Disposal of Family Lands
07/21/04  Mississippi Steps Out With "First-Ever State-Sponsored" Forest Inventory
07/21/04  Landowner Cannot Build with Home-Grown Lumber
03/17/04  Survey Reveals Our Interests
11/20/03  Christmas Gift for Your Car or Truck
11/20/03  Gift That Will Last a Lifetime
08/20/03  Succession: How to Plan and Manage the Process - a live interactive audio conference -- September 10
04/23/03  Making Sibling Teams Work: The Next Generation
04/24/02  The World Turned Upside Down
03/20/02  Play Serious "What if" Games with Alabama Forest Inventory Data
07/18/01  Coming out of the Woods: The Solitary Life of a Maverick Naturalist
11/15/00  Forestry News in the "Popular Press"
10/18/00  It IS that time of year...

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Oil, Gas, Minerals

05/15/13  Lesser Known Mineral Resources
07/18/12  Oil & Gas Activities Near Your Land
01/18/12  "Perils in Gas Well Leases"
03/23/11  Lots of Oil & Gas Action in Alabama
01/19/11  Land Improvements During Mining
09/16/09  Mineral Resources Under Alabama Forests
07/16/08  Oil & Gas Exploration Update
06/27/07  Getting the Best Deal on Your Oil and Gas Lease
03/16/05  Oil & Gas in Alabama: Past and Present
10/15/03  Oil & Gas Lease Self-Help Group
02/19/03  Oil & Gas Play in West Central Alabama
03/20/02  Preparing for Oil & Gas Exploration on Your Land
11/15/00  Reduce Timber Losses When Mining Coal

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Political Issues & Activities

07/19/16  Election Year Strategies to Kill Death Tax
07/19/16  Economic Impact of Private Forests
07/19/16  Softwood Lumber Imports Up 40 Percent Since Last Year. Why?
05/18/16  Reducing the Federal Estate
05/18/16  Eliminating the Death Tax
03/16/16  Impact of Federal Tax Reform on Forest Landowners
03/16/16  Fighting Eminent Domain Abuse on Rural Land
03/16/16  Influencing Lawmakers and Moving Legislation
01/20/16  Capital Gains and Expensing Still on Chopping Block
01/20/16  Endangered Species Act Threatens Forest Owners
07/15/15  Proposed Tax-Code Changes Catastrophic for Small Landowners
05/20/15  Private Property Rights Caucus Formed in U.S. House
05/20/15  Stop Taxpayer Funded Campaigns to Increase Property Taxes
03/18/15  Forestry Agency to be Submerged
01/21/15  Endangered Species Act Comment Assistance
11/19/14  Did you know, "All U.S. Wood is Good?"
09/17/14  Private Fire Suppression Services
09/17/14  A Property Rights Approach
07/16/14  Bat Disease Threatens Forest Management in 39 States
05/21/14  Proposed Rule: Waters of the U.S.
05/21/14  Acre In, Acre Out
01/15/14  Mobile/Tensaw Delta National Park Not a Good Idea
07/17/13  The Case for Recreation Fees on Federal Land
07/17/13  Economic Impact of Private Working Forest II
05/15/13  Carbon Dioxide is Good for Tree Growth
03/27/13  Fed Program Excludes U.S. Forest Products
01/16/13  Focusing Grassroots Interests in DC
11/28/12  Repairing Alabama's Rural Bridges and Roads
11/28/12  Silent Spring at 50
09/19/12  Trust Fund to Prop Up State Budget for Three Years -- But Then What
07/18/12  Harvesting Trees Will Prevent Fires
03/28/12  Deer Farming is a Threat to Hunting Heritage
03/28/12  Deer Farming is a Right of Property Owners
01/18/12  Roby Seeks Cap on Federal Spending
01/18/12  The Green Tea Party
11/16/11  Property Tax Reform
07/20/11  Forest Roads & Clean Water
05/18/11  Income Averaging -- Tax Fairness
05/18/11  $37 Billion in Services Provided by Georgia's Private Forests
03/23/11  Roads & Bridges Key Factors in Timber Value
03/23/11  Governor's Budget Clobbers Alabama Forestry Commission
01/19/11  What is Unique about U.S. Forests?
10/20/10  Amendment 2 = Tax Increases
08/18/10  Federal Land Acquisition: Good or Bad?
08/18/10  Research Focused on Forest Productivity
06/16/10  Overturning Bans on Wood in Commercial Construction
01/21/10  What Does Current Legislative Session Have in Store for Forest Owners?
01/21/10  How Much Is Enough?
01/21/10  Economic Impact of Private Working Forestland
10/22/09  Definition of Woody Biomass: IMPORTANT
10/22/09  Gopher Tortoise "Threatened" Range May Grow
09/16/09  Pound of Prevention Worth an Ounce of Cure
09/16/09  Private is not Public
08/19/09  Cap and Trade and Forestry
08/19/09  Forestry: What Does It Look Like?
07/15/09  Legislative Forestry Study Committee
07/15/09  Critical Definition of Renewable Forest Biomass
06/17/09  Clean Water Restoration Act Threat
02/18/09  Count Your Blessings
02/18/09  Study History to Avoid Mistakes of the Past
01/21/09  Nationwide Silvicultural Exemption Under Pressure
01/21/09  Freedom & Private Forests
10/15/08  Make a Difference: Vote on November 4
10/15/08  Sound Fiscal Policy: Personal & Public
09/17/08  A Natural Resource is a Terrible Thing to Waste
07/16/08  Climate & The Prudent Forestland Investor
06/18/08  Cap & Trade -- What is it?
06/18/08  Prescribed Fire Threatened by Polar Bear ESA Listing?
02/20/08  George F Will: Thoughts on Biofuels
02/20/08  Taking Forest Landowners' Concerns to Washington
01/23/08  Economic Freedom and Forests
09/19/07  Water and Energy Bills Update
06/27/07  The Future of U.S. Energy Policy: Are We Heading in the Right Direction?
08/16/06  Redirection at Alabama Forestry Commission
05/17/06  Elected Officials & You: How To Be Heard
03/15/06  Coosa County Now Requires Logging Permits
10/19/05  Biomass: High Cost Energy Solution
09/21/05  Washington State Takes Timber and Doesn't Pay
08/17/05  Energy Bill - Another Example of Hand-outs and Subsidies...ho hum
08/17/05  Bowater Creates Problems for All Landowners
07/20/05  Attention Alabama Lawmakers: Suggestions for Effective Eminent Domain Legislation
07/20/05  ESA Reform On Hold. Now What?
06/15/05  The Endangered Species Act: Update and Strengthen
05/18/05  More at Risk Than the Bottom Line
05/18/05  No Funded OR Unfunded Mandate
02/16/05  No More Excuses
02/16/05  Farm Subsidy Interests Reap More Than They Sow
10/20/04  Jeffco Trees & Forests Worth $248 Million Per Year
09/15/04  Focusing Research on Needs of Forest Owners
07/21/04  Carbon Sequestration Registry in Alabama's Future?
06/16/04  Recreation Fees: The Fifth Question
03/17/04  Atlanta, Alabama, & Florida Water Wars: Who Owns the Water?
03/17/04  Roads, Schools, Jobs --- and Stability
02/18/04  Wetlands Rule Needs Landowner Influence: Please Help
01/21/04  Free Markets, Free People
01/21/04  State Belt Tightening May Squeeze Forestry and Wildlife Agencies
10/15/03  Eminent Domain: National Perspective
09/17/03  Smart Growth or No Growth?
09/17/03  Bio What? An Energy Bill Update
08/20/03  Cut High Property Taxes with Conservation Easements?
08/20/03  Eminent Domain: Revenue Enhancement or Theft?
05/21/03  Federal Invasive Species Program
04/23/03  Alabama Legislative Report
02/19/03  Municipal & County Ordinances
11/20/02  S. 990 - Son of CARA Returns!
09/18/02  Enhance Your Voting Power
09/18/02  Energy Bill Prejudiced Against Forest Owners
08/21/02  If You Own Bottomlands, Welcome to Save Our Lake
07/18/02  Forest Property Taxes Excessive
05/15/02  Senate's Energy Bill May Create Market for Low Quality Wood
05/15/02  This Is Your Invitation: Forest Landowners Washington Fly-In June 19 & 20
05/15/02  How Will the Newly Signed Farm Bill Affect Forest Owners?
03/20/02  A Political Action Committee for Forestry Interests
10/17/01  Forests in The Farm Bill
10/17/01  Washington Resource Report: a new service for forest owners
08/15/01  Forest Legacy for Alabama: Do We Need It?
05/16/01 Fights Eco-Extortion
03/21/01  Current Legislation in Montgomery
01/17/01  Alabama Commission on Environmental Initiatives: What's in store for forest owners?
11/15/00  "Business Owners Show Muscle at Polls"
10/18/00  Fix the Trust, Then the Bridges
09/20/00  Judicial Races Important to Forest Owners
08/24/00  Lowe's to "squeez[e] 'non-compliant' suppliers" of forest products
07/27/00  Co-Author of Facts, Not Fear -- a parent's guide...
07/27/00  National Monument: a local problem for landowners

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07/19/16  Is $200 Million Fuel Tax Needed?
11/19/14 Year-End Tax Tips for Forest Landowners
05/21/14  Record Keeping for Small Woodland Owners
03/19/14  Tax Changes in 2014 & Avoiding Tax Trap
03/19/14  Time to Unite Around Timber in the Tax Code
01/15/14  Forest Taxation Advice Before You File
09/18/13  Deferring Capital Gains Taxes When Selling & Buying Land
05/15/13  What is a tax expenditure?
03/27/13  Forest Landowners Guide to the Federal Income Tax
01/16/13  Fiscal Cliff Aversion Law -- What was in it that affects forest Owners?
11/28/12  Fiscal Cliff from Forest Owner's Perspective
09/19/12  Estate Tax -- Worse Than Republicans Say
07/18/12  IRS Challenging Forest Expense Deductions
05/16/12  Tax Deferred Property Exchanges
05/16/12  2012 or 2013 --Taxing Decisions
01/18/12  Tax Laws Affect Forest Management
09/21/11  Benefits of Qualifying Forest Management as Business
07/20/11  Property Taxes Paid versus Value Received
01/19/11  Changes in Estate & Gift Taxes
10/20/10  Beneficial Tax Provisions May Be Lost
01/21/10  Death Tax Strategies for Some Individuals
10/22/09  Tax Tips for 2009
08/19/09  Tax Basis: What? How?
05/20/09  Estate Planning: 2009
03/24/09  Estate Tax: What It Is Today
03/24/09  Estate Tax: What It Might Be
01/21/09  Down Economy Presents Gifting Opportunity
10/15/08  $25,000 Write-off for SUV - More for Pickups
07/16/08  Estate Planning -- It's not too late
06/18/08  Property Tax Lawsuit
05/21/08  After the Tornado: claiming a timber casualty loss
03/19/08  Tax Deferred Property Exchanges Made Easy
03/19/08  Income Tax Updates
02/20/08  It's That "Taxing" Time on Year Again!
09/19/07  Save With Current-use Assessment
08/15/07  Drought-Related Losses: Can You Get Tax Relief?
08/15/07  Essentials of Tax Basis
08/16/06  Giving Away Farm Equipment
03/15/06  Income Averaging for Average Incomes
01/18/06  Timely Tax Tips
09/21/05  Have Hurricane Damage? Read IRS Casualty Loss FAQs
07/20/05  Hurricanes and Your Taxes (Revisited)
05/18/05  Residential Development a Revenue Generator? Think Again!
03/16/05  Trade Land to Defer Taxes
03/16/05  Estate Planning Tips
02/16/05  That Taxing Time of Year - Literally!
11/17/04  Income and Estate Tax Reform: The Possibilities
10/20/04  Tax Deduction Available for Casualty Losses
10/20/04  Improvements in Capital Gains & Expensing to Become Law
06/16/04  Forest Fertilization Now Deductible
11/20/03  Taxes, Tariffs and Tree Planting
09/17/03  Property Tax Incentives Common in U.S.
06/18/03  Federal Tax Cuts Benefit Forest Owners
06/18/03  Land and Ownership Changes if Tax Package Becomes Law
06/18/03  State Government & Personal Income: How do we rank?
06/18/03  Property & Income Tax Exemptions: Present & Proposed
06/18/03  Current-Use Assessment: On path of self-destruction
05/21/03  Property Taxes & the Billion Dollar Riley Plan
04/23/03  Expensing Tree Planting Costs: Reforestation Tax Act & Passive Loss Rules
01/15/03  Keep Timber & Land with Estate Plan
11/20/02  Federal Timber Tax Reform & The New 108th Congress
06/19/02  Judge Quashes Tax Advantages for Limited Liability Entities
05/15/02  Early Expensing of Pruning Costs on Silvopasture Is Possibility
03/20/02  Allocating Stepped Up Basis
02/20/02  Tax Cuts on the Web
01/16/02  Home Rule -- What does it mean to the forest owners?
01/16/02  Estate Planning
10/17/01  Conservation Easements: a practical perspective
08/15/01  Tax Implications of Recreational Properties
07/18/01  Conservation Easements: Book & Workshops
06/20/01  Increase Loss Deductions with "Block" Method
06/20/01  State Tax Credit Goal to Clean Water
04/13/01  Constitution Rewrite Aim is to Boost Taxes
03/21/01  Forest Landowners Guide to the Federal Income Tax Ag Handbook #718
02/21/01  Federal Issues: Death Tax Not Dead Yet
01/17/01  1099s Are Arriving from 2000 Cost Share Payments
11/15/00  Tax Help for Forest Owners
10/18/00  Forestland Property Taxes to Rise in 2001
08/24/00  IRS Ruling Allows Casualty Loss Deductions
07/27/00  Estate Tax Repeal: can we stop the veto?
07/27/00  Taxes & the Drought

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07/19/16  Alabama Bans Import of Deer Parts to Prevent Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD)
03/16/16  Wildlife Management Opportunities
01/20/16  Outdoor Alabama Online News Service
11/18/15  Deer Hunt App for Landowners and Hunters
03/18/15  The Many Benefits of Young Forests
11/19/14  Please Don't Throw Me into the Briar Patch
07/16/14  Trapping in Alabama - An Introduction
09/18/13  Hunting Regulations Grow as Hunter Numbers Decline
07/17/13  Dove Hunting Rules Simplified
03/27/13  Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake Survey
01/16/13  Antique Apples for Wildlife and People
05/16/12  To Recognize, Encourage, & Insprire
07/20/11  Year of the Pig
07/20/11  Chestnut Varieties for Deer & Turkey
01/19/11  Tree Orchards for Wildlife (and tight budgets)
10/20/10  Fringe Benefits
08/18/10  Pond Management - Timely Tips
08/19/09  Food Plots -- Why?
06/17/09  Clearcuts Can Be Beautiful
05/20/09  Food Plot Fallacies
03/24/09  Creating Quality Understory Habitat
09/17/08  New Chestnuts and Pears for Wildlife
06/18/08  Native Food Plots
05/21/08  Fish Ponds: all you'll ever want to know
02/20/08  What You Need to Know About Deer Feeders
07/18/07  Marketing Techniques for Leasing Hunting Land
06/27/07  Hunting on Your Own Land: License Requirements
09/20/06  Hunting Camp Journal
06/28/06  Plan for Providing Ideal Turkey Poult Habitat
05/17/06  Applying Herbicides Creatively Diversifies Habitat
02/24/06  Feral Hogs: A problem or an opportunity?
01/18/06  Seasonal Game Food Plots
10/19/05  Hunting Land: Lease Prices & Practices
09/21/05  Understory Restoration Improves Wildlife Habitat
08/17/05  Timely Wildlife Tips
07/20/05  Shooting Over a Baited Field: What's the Issue?
11/17/04  Hurricane Ivan Forces Hunting Changes This Winter
10/20/04  Prescribed Burning Improves Turkey Habitat
09/15/04  Predator Control Improves Quail Populations
08/18/04  Harvest Record Keeping Supports Lease Value
07/21/04  Alabama Wildlife Series Basis of Wildlife Conservation Strategy
06/16/04  Timely Tips for Game Food Plots
03/17/04  Improving Duck Hunting in West Alabama
02/18/04  Safe Harbor Program and the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker
01/21/04  Enhancing Non-game Wildlife Habitat on Your Land
11/20/03  Early Quail Release a Success
11/20/03  Improve Wildlife Habitat with BIG Oak Seedlings
09/17/03  Protect Yourself: Develop a Sound Hunting Lease
08/20/03  Many Hunting Leases Priced Below Market Potential
06/18/03  Nonnative Invasive Plants of Southern Forests: A Field Guide for Identification and Control
05/21/03  Conservation Banks
01/15/03  Alabama Quail Trail
01/15/03  North Alabama Birding Trail
01/15/03  Are Beavers Drowning Your Trees?
11/20/02  Master Wildlifer
09/18/02  Protecting Alabama's Deer Herd from Chronic Wasting Disease
09/18/02  On Becoming an Outdoors Woman
08/21/02  A Successful Method to Lease Hunting Land
08/21/02  The Management Advantage
07/18/02  Farming Found More Detrimental to Birds Than Timber Harvesting
06/19/02  Forest Structure Affects Wildlife
04/24/02  Deer Hunting With Dogs: A Problem of Trespass
04/24/02  Wild Game Cook-Offs
03/20/02  Deer Hunting With Dogs
02/20/02  Hunting Lodge Business
01/16/02  Quail Hunters and Landowners Share Interests
11/14/01  Wildlife Trends - A New Resource
11/14/01  Plant Trees Now for Wildlife
10/17/01  Protect Yourself When Leasing Hunting Rights
06/20/01  Managing for Quail
05/16/01  Quality Whitetails: The Why and How of Quality Deer Management
03/21/01  Is There a High Fence In Your Future?
03/21/01  Quality Deer Management as State or County Policy: Better Hunting & Better Leasing
02/21/01  Forest Plants of the Southeast and Their Wildlife Uses
01/17/01  Bobwhite Quail & Fire
11/15/00  Improve Hunting Success by Fertilizing Native Plants
09/20/00  Pine Beetle Prevention & Wildlife Habitat Improvement
09/20/00  A Quality Deer Herd can: improve the hunting experience improve landowner lease income
07/27/00  Game Census Improves Lease Prices

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