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August 2002 News Conference for Forest Owners
Sponsored by Alabama Forest Owners' Association, Inc.
Conference was recorded Wednesday, August 21, 2002.

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Hayes D. Brown

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Hayes D. Brown, attorney and forest owner,  will moderate this news conference. Hayes' email address is

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Charles A.  Vandersteen 


If You Own Bottomlands, Welcome to Save Our Lake. 

Buck Vandersteen, Executive Director of the Louisiana Forestry Association, describes a method tree-huggers are using to attempt to stop timber harvests in his state. On-going silviculture operations -- logging, tree-planting, etc. -- are allowed without permit in wetlands areas, so the tree-huggers are arguing that the landowner should not be allowed to cut his trees because he hasn't spent much publicly visible time in his forest. Forest owners who own hardwood bottoms should watch this fight and take notes.

Phone: (318) 443-2558


Chuck Sykes 


The Management Advantage 

Chuck Sykes, a wildlife biologist with a degree from Auburn University, is the host of a TV show on The Outdoor Channel called The Management Advantage. Chuck's shows include explanations of how a variety of wildlife habitats were produced through planned management activities. It should not come as surprise that Chuck operates a company that can help you achieve your goals in wildlife and forest management. It is called C & S Wildlife Services.

Phone: (334) 705-8944


Mark F. Beeler 


A Successful Method to Lease Hunting Land 

Mark Beeler is the University Forester for the University of Alabama and is responsible for the management of the University's 34,000+ acres of timberland. Much of the land is leased for hunting and we think most forest owners will benefit by using the methods Mark has perfected to find hunters and the best lease prices. Although this year Mark used a web page to help show prospective lessees land location and bidding requirements, most forest owners with only a few tracts of land wouldn't need that luxury.
Click here to visit UA's Hunting Rights web page Updated 7/16/04
and then be sure to visit the following pages: 

Click here to Review UA's Recent Bid Results by Tract. The variation in prices is quite interesting and may help you set your lease prices.

Phone: (205) 348-6473


Dr. David L. Loftis 


Regenerating Upland Hardwoods 

David Loftis is Project Leader at the U.S. Forest Service's Bent Creek Experimental Forest. If your land is located in the northeast 1/3 of Alabama, you probably own some stands of upland hardwoods. You may have wondered how to manage those stands; how you can get them growing the best quality trees possible. Dr. Loftis says that knowing what your regeneration sources are and making sure that you cut heavy enough to provide sufficient light on the forest floor are important considerations. He cautions landowners to avoid the pitfall of "selective cutting/selective logging" that may not provide the right conditions to regenerate high quality trees and also discusses what should be done if your land has no "oak advance reproduction." Finally, he describes a regeneration prediction model that he and other researchers are developing.

On the Web: Oak Regeneration: Serious Problems Practical Recommendations (Symposium Proceedings)

At the Library:

  • Loftis, David L. 1983. Regenerating Southern Appalachian mixed hardwood stands with the shelterwood method. Southern Journal of Applied Forestry 7(4):212-217.
  • Beck, Donald E. 1988. Clearcutting and other regeneration options for upland hardwoods.. In: Proceedings Sixteenth Annual Hardwood Symposium of the Hardwood Research Council; 1988 May 15-18; Cashiers, NC. 44-54
  • Loftis, David L. 1985. Preharvest herbicide treatment improves regeneration in Southern Appalachian hardwoods. Southern Journal of Applied Forestry 9(3):177-180
  • Loftis, David L. 1989. Species composition of regeneration after clearcutting Southern Appalachian hardwoods. In: Miller, James H., comp. Proceedings of the fifth biennial southern silvicultural research conference; 1988 November 1-3; Memphis, TN. Gen. Tech. Rep. SO-74. New Orleans, LA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Southern Forest Experiment Station: 253-257.

Phone: (828) 667-5261x115


Dr. Timothy B. Harrington 


Improving Existing Stands of Trees
(Timber Stand Improvement) 

Tim Harrington is a Research Forester with the U.S. Forest Service's Pacific Northwest Research Station in Olympia, Washington, but before that he was Associate Professor of Forestry at the University of Georgia and a frequent presenter of information in Southeastern U.S. workshops on improving existing stands of trees.

Click here to review Dr. Harrington's notes on cost-effective TSI treatments to consider:
1. For young pine plantations (less than 5 years old)
2. For mid-rotation (10-15 years old) pine stands
3. For natural, mixed stands of hardwoods and pines

Available Publications on the Web:

Phone: (360) 753-7674


Timothy P. Albritton 


Cost-Share Funds Go Unused for Timber Stand Improvement 

Tim Albritton is Forest Management Operations Specialist for the Alabama Forestry Commission at its Montgomery headquarters. Tim recently told us that, although cost-share money is frequently available to help forest owners carry out timber stand improvement work, they usually apply for tree planting assistance instead. He emphasized that landowners may have to explain to agency personnel that funds may be used for Timber Stand Improvement, since very few people have applied for those practices in the past.

Phone: (334) 240-9348


Dr. Stephen J. Pyne


America's Fires

Steve Pyne is a wildfire fighter who has become America's fire historian. He is a member of the Biology & Society Program at Arizona State University and is currently on sabbatical at the National Humanities Center, Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Based on his fire fighting experience and thoughtful study, we look to him for answers to the questions, Are forest fires getting worse? and Should Alabama forest owners make special preparations for a future fire problem?

An Essay: History with Fire in Its Eye: An Introduction to Fire in America

A Book: America's Fires (AFOA has one slightly used copy - read once - that we'll send free to the first caller - (205) 987-8811)

Phone: (919) 549-0661


Dennis R. LeBleu 


Stumpage Markets: Any Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Dennis LeBleu is in charge of the Phenix City, Alabama branch of F & W Forestry Services, a consulting forestry company that makes frequent timber sales throughout the South. We've asked Dennis to check with his company's branch offices to see if their collective crystal ball can help us create a bright future.

Phone: (334) 297-8817

Issues and Topics AFOA is following.

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  • CCA Treated Southern Pine Lumber
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  • Energy Crisis & Federal Eminent Domain
  • Red Hills Salamander
  • State or Local Issues
  • Constitutional Revision/Tax Reform
  • County Zoning
  • Right to Farm & Practice Forestry
  • Illegal Dumping
  • Delaney Family Current-Use Case
  • JeffCo Storm Water Management Program
  • Current Use Tax Assessment Rates
  • Local Harvesting Restrictions & Road Weight Limits
  • Bridge Repairs & the Alabama Trust Fund
  • Dog Hunting & Hunter Trespass
  • Forest Management Issues
  • Seasonal Forest and Wildlife Management Tips
  • Southern Pine Beetle: Salvage & Prevention
  • Forest Fertilization
  • Intensive Forest Management
  • Long Rotation Management & Natural Regeneration
  • Technology
  • Palm Pilots & Forest Records
  • Useful Computer Software
  • Markets
  • Industry Consolidation & Timber Markets
  • Stumpage & Forest Product Markets
  • Forestland For Sale
  • Wood Buying Policies During SPB Epidemic
  • Alabama's Pine Straw Wholesale Market
  • Minerals, Gas & Oil Activity
  • Recreational Businesses for Forest Owners
  • Forest Taxation