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update 03/06/14

Over 700 acres. $1,900 per member.

Deer, Turkey, small game, fishing

Gene Kearley
Dave Kleinschnitz
Mystery Ridge Hunt Club

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Low pressure stand hunting with great road & trail system, large plots, and feeding stations to accommodate swamp and creek hunting. Water, power, camp slots. Plus convenient access to adjacent 2500 acres State WMA property & public lake. Extended hunting to Feb 10.
AL Barbour

07/22/10 updated 03/05/14

262 $500 per member.

Need 1-3 members.

Kelly Hitzeman (706)587-6833 90 acres hardwoods; rest in thinned pines. 2 creeks. 1-2 acre duck pond. Need money by 1 AUG. 2010-2011 hunting season, includes turkey rights.





Click here for the Facebook page.

Click here for the webpage.

 $175/ day for deer gun season per gun.
$150/day for bow and black powder season per gun.      $150/day all other activities including feral swine all year long per gun.      Hunt Saturday and half a day Sunday for $250/day per gun.
John Murphy (256)651-9387 Bordering the Talladega National Forest Oakmulgee division there is 100 acres of pristine forest containing large pine and hardwood with gentle hills leading to the swamp. A perfect habitat for Alabama big game like Deer, Turkey and Feral Swine. Privately owned land that been in the family for 100 years. Currently 4 shooting houses with room for at least two hunters each. Guest are welcome and must sign waivers and obey all rules same as hunters, young guest will be taken into consideration case by case.



update 07/31/14

4,500 $2,500 per membership.

New memberships available March 2015.
(17 memberships max.)
Memberships can be split into 2 payments (half at March 1st and remaining at June 1st)

Scott Ates
Conecuh River Hunting Club

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On Facebook

1,000 acres clear cut ~ 2009, 1,500 acres in various size pines, and 1,000 acres in hardwoods. Turkey and Deer. Campsites available for campers with water and electricity. Twenty-two food plots with shooting houses on all. Allow one choice buck; all others must be over 100 class. This property adjoins Master Rack Hunting Lodge in Union Springs.
To see trophy's from last year please click on the Facebook link.




3,000 $2,200 regular membership

$1,000 turkey-only membership

Preston Griffith (205)687-0386

Send email

Just south of Lafayette on Hwy. 431. We are looking for a few new members for the upcoming season. We have a nice 4 bedroom house with 2 full baths, washer/dryer, full kitchen, pool table and sat TV. Skinning racks and a walk-in cooler also on site as well as a large commercial grade, wood or charcoal fired grill. We have good mix of woods ranging from new cutover, set out pine, to mixed hardwoods. We also have about a 5 acre lake on the property along with a few swamps. We are very family orientated. See our website at



07/02/12 updated 03/11/14

1498 $800 per member includes in-house family members.

Need 5 members

Gene Houston (334)864-2162


Land in one block. Pine, hardwoods, creek branches, food plots, shooting houses. Electricity available at camp area. 3 guest trips per year. No alcohol.



updated 03/07/14

10,000+ $1,342 per member.
70 members max.
Current openings.
Bob Stone (205)656-6184

Send email

We are located in West Central Alabama. We offer a family atmosphere, double shooting houses, 120+ green fields, pines, clear cuts, hardwoods and swamps. Club has a camp ground & hook ups as well as bath houses and a bunk house. Visit us at for more details.



update 06/09/11

2,200 $2,500 per member. Robby Montgomery (251)402-8512

Send email

Oak Valley Hunting Club. Family oriented hunting camp with minimal memberships. Gated roads, food plots, shooting houses, ladder stands. Leased for going on 26 years. Deer, Duck, Hogs, etc. Land borders Tombigbee River near Coffeeville with easy access of property by main Hwy.



04/30/14 updated 09/22/14

5,100 $6,500

17 total members





Send email

Year-round access to camphouse and property with low pressure hunting.
Large, recently-renovated camphouse with central heat/air, a washer & dryer, large eating & living areas w/ fireplace. Each member has "own personal" 11'X13' bedroom. Camphouse is located "on" the property. Approximately 70% of the property would be considered flat riverbottoms with the remaining 30% rolling hills with mixture of various pines and hardwoods. Planted pines, thinned & prescribed burned pines and clear-cuts & swamps large enough to fish & hunt big ducks. Total of 60 acres of food plots with year-round planting, pH balanced soil & Tecomate Seed. Deer, ducks, turkey, fishing in swamps & oxbow lakes; fishing T'bee River which borders property for several miles. Hogs are great off-season hunting. 4.5 yr old mature bucks are our goal.  Strict guests policy. One opening due to the dissolving of corp memberships to achieve less hunting pressure.




500 Duck Hunting: $1,500/member
Spring Turkey Hunting: $2,000/member
Deer Season: $2,000/member
Wayne Rachel (251)345-0000

Send email

Land is on river.
For deer hunters: 8 shooting houses.
For duck hunters: nice 50 acres back-water slough.



update 03/06/14

1,000 $2,000 per member

1 member needed.
4 members total.

Jonah Dismukes (251)895-6227 25 food plots. Camper hook-up with water, power, dish network. Deer, Turkey, Pigs, Ducks, Dove. Great camp with great people.
AL Clarke

updated 07/12/10

2,400 Members needed. Brian Wilson (251)591-4550

Send email

25+ food plots, camper sites, shoot houses, Deer and Turkey, 6 pt or better.




Hunting Lodge on 800 acres Call or write for pricing of Guided Hunts Danny Reed (251)238-2826

Send email

Red Wine Plantation, 11 Red Wine Road, Castleberry, AL 36432. New hunting lodge offering guided day hunts, rustic lodging and meals included. Please call for pricing. Special pricing for youth and non-hunter companions. Minimal hunting pressure for the last 4 years. Gift certificates available.

(39695, 74433)



4,200 $3,500 per member

15 members max.
2 openings available

JD (706)765-8435

Send email

This is not a hunt club. It is a wildlife cooperative managed intensively for trophy deer and trophy bass. Excellent deer, turkey, and waterfowl hunting. Land cover is a mix of bottomland hardwoods, upland mix pine-hardwoods, planted pines, and linear wildlife openings that wind throughout the property. Lakes stocked with bass, bream and crappie. Lakes have produced two bass over 10 pounds and one over 12 pounds in the past year. Camp area is 1-acre concrete pad overlooking two lakes totaling 37 acres. Over 150 acres in wildlife openings are rotated as food plots and fallow fields. Managed by a Certified Wildlife Biologist. Includes 20+ custom made elevated shooting houses along with 40+ tripods, ladders and fixed position stands. Dues cover lease, liability, fall food plots, and water at camp. Members are allowed to setup a camper or mobile home at camp headquarters.



04/29/13 updated 03/17/14

1,000 $2,000 per member. Jeff Kenney
Harold Taunton

Send email

Jarhead Hunting and Game Preserve is located in the northwest portion of Crenshaw county, near the Butler and Lowndes county lines. We have "Monster Bucks"! A membership includes deer and turkey hunting, camphouse, fishing in several ponds and insurance. There are no plant/seed fees . Camp/RV sites can be arranged if you wish. We are unique in that fact that we cater to wounded Veterans a couple of times a year. If you want to enjoy hunting and the outdoors while being a part of healing the hearts and minds of America's heroes, give us a call! Find us on Facebook.




1,420 $4,750 per year

2 memberships available.

6 members total.

Patrick Ivie (251)747-1847

Send email

Near Safford. We have Pines and Hardwoods with Chellatchee creek running through the property. 130" minimum on bucks and no shooting of does in green fields. This place has been well managed for years and we intend to keep it that away. Serious inquiries only.



update 08/16/10
updated 03/06/14

2,123 $3,200 per year

Need 1 member.

Jason Spinks (205)288-2057

Send email

Along Blue Girth Swamp. Abundant turkey. Strict trophy management. 4.5 year-old bucks and older. Average buck weighs 200 lbs. Managed for over 10 years. 4,000 square foot lodge with all amenities. Organized dove shoot with very limited membership.

(18798 - 77534)

Dallas & Wilcox


416 $1,750 per member

Need 4 members

Darrell Mosley (251)295-0680 Hardwood, pine, camp, deer.


Etowah & Cherokee

updated 02/26/14

239 $500 per member.
4 members needed.
Steven K. Kellett (256)504-8237

Send email

 Hunting lodge available. 2 cabins. 4 green fields. 7 ponds. Good interior roads.



04/29/13 updated 03/06/14

3,500 $2,100 per member. Member's dependents, including college age hunt under the member's fee, no extra, family friendly. Allen Parrish (205)612-9826

Send email

Campsite on the property, sign out shed, skinning shed, large “community area” w/ big screen tv, grills, power, water, 3-5 campers available for use or bring yours in 1 mile off the county rd, secure, 3 heavy locked gates between road and campsite. Hardwoods, cut overs, pines, 30+ food plots w/stands, shooting houses. We practice QDM, abundance of turkeys, good deer herd, responsible buck harvesting. Summer planting, feeders out (NO BAITING), established mineral licks.


Lamar Co., AL & Lowndes Co., MS


591 5 or 6 memberships available May 2012. Scott A. Wheeler (662)251-3313

Send email

Beginning in Lone Oak, MS (Lowndes County) with majority in Lamar County, Alabama. It is a beautiful diverse wildlife paradise (Deer, turkey, and duck pond) mixed hardwood and pine with natural underground springs that run from the hills into branches that continuously feed year round into Yellow Creek which borders the property. Farmhouse with electricity, Dairy Barn, and Hog house ideal for dressing game. Numerous food plots. Additional 280 acres just a few miles away just past State line off Hwy 18 in Lamar County with Cut Bank Creek running throughout property which is also a mix of hardwood and pines and is a deer and turkey paradise. I am looking for members who want to be good stewards of the land and forge a long lasting relationship making a unique paradise even better for families that truly love the outdoors and want to share that passion with their family and children. That's more important to me. Please feel free to give me a call. I look forward to meeting and sharing with you God's wonderful creation.

(23298 97808)

Lamar & Pickens

updated 07/30/13


Luxapallila Bucks & Beards - South Club

$1,500 per member.
7 openings.

Deer only.

Dale Robinson (205)662-4144

Send email

We are looking for up to seven ethical, passionate deer hunters to complete our 2013-2014 membership at twenty folks. The club acreage straddles the county line in South Lamar County and North Pickens County between County Roads 27 and 75, southwest of Millport. We currently have 30 food plots with two-man shooting houses on them. Personal ladders, tripods and climbers are welcome. We are 8-point or better and have been managing our herd since 2004. Last year’s harvest was 23 does and 14 bucks by only 12 members. Normally, we take 40-50 does. We are a family-oriented club. We have power and water hookups for campers and trailers at no extra charge. If you get tired of sitting in the woods, a 4-acre lake is available for fishing.


Lowndes, & Crenshaw

updated 06/02/14

2,400 $1,450 Full Membership.

3 Full Memberships open for 2014-2015 Season.

Dave Bryson
Bill Tyler

Send email  A mixture of Pines, Hardwoods and Clear Cuts. A planted Power Line with seven shooting houses on it cuts through the middle of the property. Established food plots. Good road systems. Club house with power, water, full kitchen, 2 bath’s, Cook out shed, power for campers. Club is located near Davenport & Hope Hull, Alabama. Club has been under a deer management program for several years of 6 point or better. Full Membership ($1,450) includes deer and turkey hunting.
AL Lowndes

updated 03/06/14

2,600 $2,500 per member.


Greg Gallander (334)233-7061

Send email

Mature pine plantations, hardwoods, cedar plantations, and clearcuts. 30+ food plots all equipped with elevated shooting houses, skinning shed, shooting range, and camper spots with power and water hook-ups. To ensure high quality bucks, summer and winter plots are planted with supplemental feed and minerals. All of our plots are sprayed. Exceptional land for deer and turkey hunting. This club is a strict buck management and is committed to trophy hunting ONLY!! If you're a club jumper, this is NOT the club for you!!!. Our goal is 115-120 deer.
AL Macon, Lee, & Russell

Update 2/17/14

6,880+ with 40 members $2,000 per year for deer & turkey.  
Send email
ELM-HAT Conservation Hunt Club. Trophy deer management with a strict harvest limit, a 14” width/height restriction and 3 doe limit. Mature hardwoods, pine plantation & food plots. Limited memberships available. Two nice campgrounds with all the hookups.



12/19/11 updated 03/05/14

2,500 $1,200 per member

2 members needed for 2012-2013 hunting season.
Max.: 19 members.

Bryan Griffin (850)712-4319


Detailed map of property. Land all connected together. 43 food plots with 24 shooting houses. Mineral blocks on each plot and a few feeding stations during summer. We also plant summer & winter high protein plots across the property. Camp house costs an extra $600 per year if you stay there and the same for camper hook-ups. We shoot 6 point or mature deer, but do have exception rules for your kids. We have about 900 acres hardwoods and a lot of mature 30+ year old thinned pines and a few clear cuts (200-300 acres) to hunt around. Large creek with acorns tree on it that runs through property. We have back door access to an extra 2,000 acres of forever wild land you can hunt for free. We don't shoot does on food plots anymore although we do have some areas set up for doe killing If you like. We are a kid friendly club and everyone knows how to act right in front of our kids. Our camp house is only 7 minutes from our hunting lease. If you would like to come up and maybe hunt as a guest before Jan 15th and see the land, camp house, and meet some of the members, check us out at
AL Monroe

10/26/11 updated 03/07/14

January 16-18, 2015 $700 per person for deer hunts includes meals & lodging. Children 13 & under are half price. Hudson Hines

Randy Watson

Send email
Send email
Monroe Academy Deer Hunt.
Friday, 1/16/15 afternoon hunt with dinner after hunt
Saturday, 1/17/15 morning & afternoon hunts with dinner at Hilltop after hunting
Sunday, 1/18/15 morning hunt
Click here for more details.



update 09/14/14

2,541 $1,800 per member Paul Garner (251)377-5276

Send email

All private land owners. Alabama River frontage. 2 creeks run through property. Hardwood bottoms, pine plantation, agricultural fields. 6 point or better. RV hook-ups. Camp house. 50+ food plots. Under game management last 10 years. Power line runs through property.




2 lakes $750 per member

16 members total

John Posey (334)221-2127

Send email

Fishing Club near Ramer looking for a few members. 2 lakes, one 18 acres and one 27 acres. Recently stocked with Tiger Bass, Coppernose Bluegill, and hybrid striped bass. Larger lake has crappie. Managed by Southeast Pond Management. Ongoing stocking, fertilizing and feeding program in place. Serious Inquiries Only.




3,000 $4,000/year

2 members needed

Johnny Grimes (205)369-2527

Send email

Deer and Turkey. Well managed for 30 years for trophy bucks. 400 acres set aside for bow hunting only. No work days everything taken care of. Nice lodge.
Family environment.



updated 05/09/14

830 $2,000  for deer only $2,875 for deer and turkey.


Maximum number of members is 6.

David Send email Excellent hunting lease looking for one or two people to join us. This property is well managed for mature deer. We keep this property extremely quiet and have low pressure. We are looking for like minded hunters who are serious about hunting mature deer and understand what is involved in having a good group and property. We have great rules in place and we all follow them equally. We do not harvest young deer or shoot often on this property. No club's anywhere near this property. All properties around are managed for mature deer. We also have a nice camp area. We are looking for guy's who want to become a part of a group, contribute and want to stick around more than a year.




560 $1,500 per member

2 available memberships.

5 members total.

Kyle Sculley (251)979-3989

Send email

Broken Arrow Plantation is located between Marion and Brent. Mixed timber including planted pines and hardwood bottoms. A creek that runs through the property. We have 14 food plots, all of which are planted during the fall. We also plant summer plots to help hold deer on the property and increase nutrition for the herd. We have implemented a quality deer management plan and harvest mature bucks as well as a predetermined amount of does each year. This is a family oriented camp. Each membership includes spouse as well as any children who are still in school, including college. We have a camp area and possibly will have camper spots available for this upcoming season. There are no work days for members. All the preparation for season is taken care of. We have approximately 10 trail cameras we put out and share all pictures with members. Family fun and hunting success are our main goals.


Pickens 700 $1,500 per member

4 members needed.

Billy Thomas (205)373-3658 (call after 6:30 pm) This property is located on the Sipsey River near the Tombigbee River in Aliceville, Alabama. It has four shooting houses and multiple ladder stands. It has four food plots with additional large row crop fields that are planted each year for the deer to graze on during the summer months. There are plenty of hardwoods that surround the fields that create a great hunting environment. This is a prime hunting location near the river.



updated 08/21/12

612 $1,700 per member includes insurance & food plots.

One member needed.

Dave Fiveash

David Fiveash



Send email

Mancel's Ridge Hunting Club in Troy is looking for one new member. Prime deer and turkey hunting. We are on a strict self-imposed age limit trophy system.




600 $550/person includes insurance John Wylie (706)594-2141

Send email

Members wanted for trophy hunting club.



01/30/12 updated 03/10/14

5 Lakes $2,000 per member per season (February - September 30) Michael D. Dudley (334)855-2831

Send email

Russell County, Alabama, Private Bass Anglers Club. Five lakes built and designed by Mr. Jimmy Dudley.
AL Shelby

05/14/10 updated 05/05/14

25-30 acre lake $650/year Whit (205)369-0305 This is a fishing membership in a lake 30 min South of Birmingham. Email for more information.




4,500 2 & 3 day hunts available (call for pricing) Jeff Kelley

Seth Basinger



Deer, turkey, & hog hunting. Has a lodge and 2 bass lakes. Located in the Alabama Black Belt. More details located at



09/05/13 updated 08/07/14

4,000 $2,500 dues and $1,000 cost per member

4 members needed; 12 members maximum for the 2014/ 2015 season

Larry Torgerson

Larche Watters, CPA, QDM

Send email

Send email

STRICT QDM program per state biologist. 35 elevated club huts on plots & senderos. Camp house with bunk bedroom & kitchen.




2,800 Guided Deer & Turkey Hunts.

Now booking trophy hunts.

Michael Davis

Ruzic Farms Trophy Hunting


Send email

Cattle ranch located on the Tenn-Tom Waterway. Excellent deer, turkey, squirrel, rabbit, dove, and some wild boar. All mature hardwoods and open cattle fields. 10 established deer plots, 150 acres dove fields, and over 300 acres of winter pasture planted annually. Managed for trophy deer only with large number of deer. Abundant population of turkey. Click here for photos.

(41996, 11938)


updated 03/06/14

4,200 $2,000 per year. Steve Roberts (205)673-2700
(205)457-1059 (601)917-0334

Send email

Buckeye Hunting Club located in Bellamy, Alabama with lands on and near Sucarnoochee River basin. Well developed mature diverse timber stands with 42 green fields with nice campground and hunting lodge with all facilities and skinning shed with cooler. Good quality hunting with all game privileges available. Family value organization.
AL Sumter

updated 03/13/14

2,000 $1,600 per member.
2 members needed for 2014-2015 Season.
Sonya or Marty Lawley (205)938-0642
Send email
25 green fields. 8 point or better, no does taken on green fields unless with a bow. Nice camp site.




500 Call for pricing

3 memberships available

Mike Denham (256)223-1509 Located near Waverly. Creek bottom. Hardwoods. Pine.



01/07/14 updated 05/01/14

2,200 $1,600/member/year

Need 2 members.

Maximum is 5 members

John Adcock (334)539-2004 Site located near Waverly on land in the  Alabama Deer Management Program. Family-oriented club (fee covers immediate family). Alcohol-free environment.




1,500 $1,000 per member.

Need 9 members.

Larry Snider (205)333-5557

Send email

S & S Hunting Club is now taking members for 2013/2014 season. We are an 8 point or better club. S & S will have 15 members total. 80% hardwoods, small creeks, 25 to 30 food plots, pipeline. Road access, four wheeler trail access. Land is in Coker area. No turkey hunting. No dog hunting. No alcohol allowed.




6,520 $1,500 per membership. Mike Gardner (251)680-7352

Send email

Big bunkhouse. Skinning shed. Stalk only.



10/05/11 updated 03/05/14

1,800 $2,000/year per member

Need 1 - 2 members for 2014-2015

Charles Gagliano (205)531-2511

Send email

Stay in camp house or we have hookups for campers. Water, Power, Satellite TV. 15 members total. 18 food plots. Lots of deer and lots of stands in woods. We hunt for fun, not to compete.

(17007, 87937)


updated 06/02/14

1,700 $1,000/year

4 members needed.

Bill Valentine (205)283-0656 Hardwoods, pines, cutover. Deer & Turkey. Family oriented club - no charge for wives and minor children. Camping allowed. This club is within the newly-expanded February deer hunting season area. Acquiring more acreage.
AL Wilcox

updated 03/10/14

1,060 $850 per member plus $150 fee for utilities if staying in the camphouse.

2 members needed.

Frank McLendon

(205)985-2291 or

Send email
Nadawah Hunting Club. Deer, turkey, pigs, and small game. No campers.




2,300 $1,000 per membership or $1,500 for family membership. Joey Brooks (601)480-2776

Send email

Toomsuba Community. Christian Family Oriented Hunting Club. No drinking or cussing. We have a great time and are considerate of each other. We take our wives and children hunting with us. 50 green fields. You get one personal field that only you can hunt. The rest are first come first serve. The land is in 6 different tracts but its all within a couple miles of each other. Each tract has its own sign in/out board.




15,000 $650 per member Cindi Williams 800-239-9090

Send email

15,000 acres in hardwoods located on Carter Mt. in Franklin county on Hwy 16. 10 year old 8 point or better hunting club with over 100 food plots and permanent primitive camp grounds.


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