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January 2002 News Conference for Forest Owners
Sponsored by Alabama Forest Owners' Association, Inc.
Conference was recorded Wednesday, January 16, 2002.

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Hayes D. Brown

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Hayes D. Brown, attorney and forest owner,  will moderate this news conference. Hayes' email address is

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Gary Palmer


Home Rule -- What does it mean to forest owners?

Gary Palmer is president of the Alabama Policy Institute. He has expressed concerns about forming a constitutional convention to rewrite Alabama's Constitution and has pointed out that constitutional reform boils down to two issues: taxes and home rule. Forest owners might wonder, What could be wrong with home rule? Shouldn't we want less centralized government? Wouldn't it be better if more government decisions were made "closer to home?"  

A recent column from Gary Palmer

Phone: (205) 870-9900


Mel Harkrader Pine


Enviro Attack on Treated Lumber Harms Our Timber Market, But... 
Is it safe?

Mel Pine is Director of Communications and State Government Relations for the American Wood Preservers Institute. He has the tough job of helping us through an environmental scare that has caused people to fear using lumber that has been treated with Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA). 

Forest owners interests are two-fold: On the one hand, we are concerned that 40% of southern pine lumber is CCA-treated, so our timber income depends heavily on the continued sales of treated lumber. On the other hand, we use treated lumber around our homes and we want to be sure it is safe for our families and livestock. Mel suggests a visit to the following web pages:

Phone: (703) 204-0500


Dr. Robert Tufts


Estate Planning

Robert Tufts, is an Associate Professor in the School of Forestry & Wildlife Sciences at Auburn University. Dr. Tufts' academic interests range from timber harvesting and design of woods roads to helping forest owners understand estate planning techniques that might reduce gift and estate taxes. He discusses the changes in the estate tax laws that occurred last year and suggests we spend time at the following web sites: 

Phone: (334) 844-1011


Dr. Terry R. Clason


Spacing of Planted Trees Controls Income

Dr. Clason teaches and studies agroforestry and silviculture at the Hill Farm Research Station. In a no nonsense practical approach, he has been questioning the logic of planting large numbers of pine seedlings per acre. He points out that widely spaced seedlings will grow into higher value products sooner than their closely spaced neighbors, but cautions us to employ the best tree planting techniques available to prevent large gaps in our timber stands caused by seedling mortality.

Dr. Clason will be in Mobile, Alabama on February 16 to speak to the members of the Alabama Cattlemen's Association.

Phone: (318) 927-2578


Brian W. Kramer


New Handbook on Forest Road Construction 

Brian Kramer is a registered professional engineer and a senior instructor in the Forest Engineering Department in the College of Forestry at Oregon State University. His new handbook, Forest Road Contracting, Construction, and Maintenance for Small Forest Woodland Owners, should be especially useful to forest owners in north Alabama counties where the terrain, though not as rough as Oregon's, presents road building and maintenance problems. 

Brian stresses the importance of:

  • Traffic Control
  • Good Drainage
  • Sub-Grade Stability

To order a copy, write to Forestry Communications Group, Oregon State University, 256 Peavy Hall, Corvallis, Oregon 97331-5704 or call (541) 737-4271 or send email to Cost is $5.

Phone: (541) 737-4952 


Travis E. Ford


Preventing Timber Theft

Travis Ford is the Chief Investigator for the Alabama Forestry Commission. He investigates timber thefts of many types, but today he will present ideas on preventing theft when:

  • a neighbor's logger cuts over onto your side of the property line, or;
  • timber is stolen by your logger or an employee of your logger.

Travis also suggests that you and your lawyer review the Alabama law passed about 2 years ago that removed the requirement that stolen timber be removed from your property "knowingly and willfully." The law penalizes the thief with a fine (paid to the Forestry Commission) of double the fair market value and might make it easier for landowners to recover losses in civil court. Click here to read the law.

Phone: (256) 315-5077


Jim Bradford


Quail Hunters and Landowners Share Interests

Jim Bradford is president of Alabama Quail Hunters, Inc. The group meets at 7:00 PM on the second Tuesday of each month at Lloyd's Restaurant on US 280 near Birmingham. From a visitor's perspective, their meetings are refreshing and light-hearted, and they really enjoy talking and learning about quail hunting and management. You might enjoy their company when in town.

Phone: (205) 910-0845


Dr. George Kessler


Master Tree Farmer Seminars Begin in February

Dr. George Kessler is a professor of forestry at Clemson University and has become famous in forestry circles as the producer of the Master Tree Farmer Satellite Broadcast Series. A new Advanced Master Tree Farmer seven-part series will begin on February 5 and we are sure you will find it educational and useful in your search for knowledge. Registration in Alabama for the entire series costs $90 per person or $125 per couple with a discount of $20 if paid by January 22. A huge (900 pages) loose-leaf resource book is included in the registration fee.

The topic schedule is as follows:

  • Managing the Forest Site 2/5/02
  • Silviculture Prescriptions 2/12/02
  • Controlling Unwanted Vegetation 2/19/02 
  • Forest Health 2/26/02
  • An Introduction to Best Management Practices 3/5/02 
  • Forest Measurements and Forest Products 3/12/02
  • Advanced Wildlife Management Concepts- Managing for Deer, Turkey and Quail 3/19/02  

More Program and Registration Details:

Phone: (864) 656-4836


Issues and Topics AFOA is following.

To suggest an issue or a topic for a future news conference, please send an email note to AFOA by clicking here.

  • CCA Treated Southern Pine Lumber
  • TMDLs
  • EPA Basins Projects
  • Constitutional Revision/Tax Reform
  • CARA
  • Forest Certification
  • 2002 Farm Bill
  • Energy Crisis & Federal Eminent Domain
  • Palm Pilots & Forest Records
  • Red Hills Salamander
  • County Zoning
  • Right to Farm & Practice Forestry
  • Illegal Dumping
  • Industry Consolidation & Timber Markets
  • Stumpage & Forest Product Markets
  • Seasonal Forest and Wildlife Management Tips
  • Forestland For Sale
  • Repeal of Estate Tax
  • Forest Taxation: Income, Estate, & Property
  • Southern Pine Beetle: Salvage & Prevention
  • Wood Buying Policies During SPB Epidemic
  • Section 631(b) Capital Gains Tax Change
  • Delaney Family Current-Use Case
  • JeffCo Storm Water Management Program
  • Alabama's Pine Straw Wholesale Market
  • Useful Computer Software
  • Forest Fertilization
  • Intensive Forest Management
  • Long Rotation Management & Natural Regeneration
  • Minerals, Gas & Oil Activity
  • Recreational Businesses for Forest Owners
  • Current Use Tax Assessment Rates
  • Local Harvesting Restrictions & Road Weight Limits
  • Bridge Repairs & the Alabama Trust Fund
  • Dog Hunting & Hunter Trespass
  • and more