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January 2005 News Conference for Forest Owners Sponsored by Alabama Forest Owners' Association, Inc. Conference was recorded January 19, 2005.

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Hayes D. Brown

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Hayes D. Brown, attorney and forest owner,  will moderate this news conference. Hayes' email address is

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Mike Griggs


Hurricane Ivan Timber Salvage Update

Mike Griggs is with International Paper Company in Prattville, Alabama and is currently the Executive Director of the Governor's Hurricane Ivan Alabama Forest Recovery Task Force. Griggs explains the mission of the Task Force and also offers an update on how the salvage operations have been going as well as a status report on the Reforestation Survey that was printed on page 4 of January's Capital Ideas newsletter.

More Hurricane Ivan & Task Force Information

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Dr. Char Miller


First Forester a Product of 19th Century Environmental Movement

Char Miller is a Professor of environmental, social, and cultural history at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. We've asked Dr. Miller to discuss his biography of Gifford Pinchot in order to introduce us to the man who is considered America's first professionally trained forester and who was the first Chief of the United States Forest Service. Miller explains why Gifford Pinchot created the U.S. Forest Service and of what relevance Pinchot's conservationism has today. Private forest owners and the foresters who work for them might be surprised to learn that Pinchot firmly believed that forest management decisions should be made by scientifically trained agents of the government. He also believed that "... forestry is the perpetuation of forests by use" and would probably disagree with the current Sierra Club policy to stop all timber harvests on National Forests.   

Phone: (210) 999-7608


Dr. Roger A. Sedjo


Currency Fluctuations and Timber Markets

Roger Sedjo is a senior fellow and the Director of Resources for the Future's Forest Economics and Policy program. Not only are economic terms like "currency fluctuations," "exchange rates," and "weak dollar" confusing for most of us, but figuring out how it all fits into the larger picture of international markets and the US forest products trade can be downright intimidating. A January 18 Wall Street Journal article says, "The dollar has fallen 16 percent against a basket of its trading partners' currencies over the past three years. In theory, that should, with time, make U.S.-made goods more competitive with those made abroad, boosting U.S. growth and employment. But a growing chorus warns that the U.S.'s gaping budget and trade deficits will lead to a crisis..." Sedjo sheds some light on these economic terms and how they might affect forest landowners.

More from Resources For the Future

In the News

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Dr. Richard M. Ebeling


Looking Beyond Today.

Richard Ebeling is President of the Foundation for Economic Education in Irvington-on-Hudson, New York and publisher of The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty. To help those of us who have a mental block when it comes to economics, and to help simplify even further Sedjo's comments, above, we've asked Ebeling to speak about a particular book that makes economics comprehensible to everyday folks. Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt, which was reviewed by FEE, is considered "Perhaps the best primer on economic principles ever written." Ebeling explains why it is a good book on economics for the non-economist and even one every economist ought to read.

Phone: (914) 591-7230


Dr. P. K. Nair


An Introduction to Agroforestry

P. K. Nair is the Director of the Center for Subtropical Agroforestry and a Distinguished Professor of Agroforestry & International Forestry at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Nair recently received the Society of American Forestersí Barrington Moore Memorial Award, which recognizes outstanding achievement in biological research leading to the advancement of forestry. His textbook, An Introduction to Agroforestry, has become the basis for all college-level study on this topic. Nair defines agroforestry, the applications of agroforestry in the Southeast, and how one can get more information on agroforestry.

Phone: (352) 846-0880


Chip Blanton


Progressive Farmer Farm Safety Day Camp Featured at AFOA Meeting

Chip Blanton is an AgriScience teacher at Fort Payne High School. He and some of his FFA students will present a Progressive Farmer Farm Safety Day Camp program for children attending AFOA's Annual Meeting on April 16, 2005. These Camps are one-day, hands-on workshops that teach farm children and their parents safe farm practices. Each year, Progressive Farmer Farm Safety Day Camps reach more than 60,000 children and adults across the country. Using comprehensive lesson plans, coordinators like Blanton teach kids about safety issues around tractors, animals, fires, chemicals, ATVs, and more. Blanton describes how these programs are set up and what kids attending AFOA's April 16, 2005 Annual Meeting can expect to learn. If you'd like information on setting up a Program in your area, contact Susan Reynolds at 1-888-257-3529 or

Phone: (256) 845-0535


Max Burge


Family Manages Two Recreational Off-Road Trails

Max Burge's family runs Red Creek Off-Road in Perkinston, Mississippi. This family-owned off-road business also has an additional 2,200 acres of trail located 65 miles west of Nashville called 143 Off-Road. These trails are open to the public and allow for almost any type of off-road vehicles, including 4x4 vehicles, ATVs, MX Bikes, ATCs, dune buggies, and go-carts. In addition to primitive camping options, Red Creek also offers a Lodge & Cottage, RV hookups, snack bar, and more. Red Creek requires that participants complete a waiver before they come to the park and that all riders follow a list of rules to ensure the safety of all involved as well as help prevent liability.


Phone: (601) 945-5055


J. Hudson Hines


Forest Land for Sale

Hudson Hines is the owner/broker of Hudson Hines Real Estate in Beatrice. He's here to discuss some property he is offering that may be of interest to someone looking for investment-grade forestry opportunities. He's told us about one in particular that he thinks is an especially good prospect, and he's sharing his "insider information" exclusively for Capital Ideas - Live! listeners.

Featured Listing

Other Listings

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