Announcement for the
2015 Southern Pine Beetle (SPB) Prevention
Cost-Share Program

For a limited time, help is being offered to fight against the number one killer of pine trees in Alabama. Now through the end of June, technical assistance and financial incentives are available to help forest landowners across the state apply prevention practices to reduce the susceptibility of their pine stands to attack by southern pine beetle (SPB).

Unmanaged and overcrowded stands of southern pines are most susceptible to attack, and the primary objective of this SPB Prevention Cost-Share Program is to help forest landowners implement forest management practices that will ultimately reduce SPB outbreaks and damage in Alabama.

The following prevention practices are available for incentive payments:

Landowners interested in applying for the SPB Prevention Cost-Share Program must contact their local Alabama Forestry Commission (AFC) county office. They will receive an application form, as well as a copy of the “Technical Guidelines” which outline in detail the requirements for the landowner and the stand that must be met before a stand is approved to participate in the program. A few of those eligibility requirements include the following:

Deadline for the SPB Prevention Cost-Share Program landowner application form is Tuesday, June 30, 2015. All applications must be returned to the local AFC county office by that date.

AFC county offices are listed on the agency’s website at At the top of the webpage, click on ‘Contact Us’ and then select the appropriate county. Local AFC offices are also listed in the phone book under ‘Government Offices: State Government: Alabama State of - Forestry Commission.’ For more information, contact Dana Stone, AFC Forest Health Coordinator, at (334) 240-9363.