Rick Bruin's daughter, October This photo and the next show a pasture environment to clear farmland.  Notice the level trimmed look to the surrounding trees and existing bushes.  Field in background has only been bush hogged with farm tractor and bush hog, once in 4 years. The rest has been accomplished with rotational grazing


Notice second group
of goats in background.
They are in a separate
pasture than the ones in
the foreground.  Notice
no fancy, high-priced
fence required to keep them separated.


Animals returning from grazing an area being reclaimed for hay production.  It was pastured (rotationally) for two years and the third year a crop of mixed grass hay was harvested, (two cuttings).  That area is still currently being used for hay production. Also note the lead animal in this photo.  This one of our Livestock Guardian Dogs leading the way back to the barn lot area.  We use these dogs to protect our livestock from predators, and they are a very important part of any land maintenance or improvement program involving sheep, goats, or cattle.


A copy of the current
grading scale used Kentucky. 


Example of some
marketing data on
slaughter kid sales


Additional market info