S. 990 - Son of CARA Returns!
Under Cover of Darkness

The U.S. House of Representatives waited until the waning moments of the 107th Congress to pass S. 990, the American Wildlife Enhancement Act of 2001. The measure was brought to a vote and passed by unanimous consent by a mere handful of House members at 2:35 a.m., November 15th. The same underhanded procedure was conducted in the Senate last December when few members were present or awake enough to object. Title II of the bill amends the Endangered Species Act to include protection for “species at risk,” which greatly expands the reach of the ESA. Title IV greatly enhances the authority of the Secretary of Interior to enlarge federal ownership of private property.

Two years ago property owners began fighting the largest land acquisition bill of our decade when CARA, The Conservation and Reinvestment Act was first introduced by Congressman Don Young. This bill was eventually changed into what became known as “CARA Lite” and passed after it was attached to a Department of Interior Appropriations bill. Many of the dangerous provisions of the bill were enacted into law, but there was no funding until now. S. 990 will fund various programs to the detriment of private land.

This bill, if passed by the Senate will:

• Make it possible for the government to list even more species as endangered under the Endangered Species Act;
• Increase the government’s ability to seize and condemn private property;
• Give grant money to environmental groups to help run landowners off their land.

The measure is headed to the Senate today, Monday, or Tuesday for final consideration.

Please, call your Senator and ask him to object to S. 990 when it is presented on the Senate Consent Calendar. It only takes one senator to stop S.990 by simply putting a hold on the bill.

Every senator may be called at (202) 224-3121 or (800) 648-3516. Please make your call right away.

Also, it is imperative that President Bush hear that landowners across America oppose S. 990. If this bill does make it to his desk we want him to know where you stand. Call the White House at 202-456-1111 and tell them you want the president to oppose S. 990

Source: Liberty Matters News Service "Action Alert"  11/18/02